Small Dogs

Under 20 lbs

Starting Prices:


Bath- $65+

Bath & Tidy- $75+

Full Groom- $90+ 

(Please contact us for your dogs

price estimate)

Medium Dogs

20-40 lbs

Starting Prices:


Bath- $75+

Bath & Tidy- $88+

Full Groom- $100+ 

(Please contact us for your dogs

price estimate)

Med/Large Dogs

40-65 lbs

Starting Prices:


Bath- $88+

Bath & Tidy- $105+

Full Groom- $115+

(Please contact us for your dogs

price estimate)

Talk to our mobile groomer- 

Text to 720-899-8586

Email us @

Or fill out our Appointment Request form below

*Please note that you will be asked to provide a picture of your street parking/driveway as well as a photo of your pet(s) in this form. 

The benefits of going MOBILE:

  • Your dog is one-on-one with our highly trained groomer. This is great for pups that are reactive around other dogs or have special needs that require direct attention. 

  • It is quiet! No other dogs barking or busy activity of the studio environment. 

  • Cage FREE. Mobile grooming means your pup never has to wait in a kennel for grooming!

  • Much faster service! Everything we need to pamper your pet is all within a few feet. 

  • You don't have to leave the house! Think of how many other things you can get done if you didn't have to drive across town to drop off and pick up your pups from the groomer. This saves you time, money and stress. No longer would you have to take the day off of work. 

  • It's convenient! We can make sure your pup is clean even if you won't be home. (restrictions  apply) 

  • Your pups will love it! 

A few things you need to know:

Our service area is limited to 12 miles radius from 1122 Francis St.-

This includes Longmont, Mead, Berthoud, and parts of Boulder, Erie, and Fredrick.

Services may be available outside of this area. Please contact us.

(additional charges apply)

We need level parking access.

We ask that your pup is on a regular grooming schedule.

We can't service dogs that are too big or too hairy. (no more than about 60 lbs)


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