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About us

Meet Your Groomers

Jane Corbin NCMG, ICMG

Certified Master Groomer

Studio Owner

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Annette Tucker NCMG 

Certified Master Groomer


Not Pictured:

Rhandine Hall, Customer Service Specialist

John Tucker, Customer Service Specialist

Kayla Rivas, Grooming Studio Manager

Sophia McPherson, Groomer

Destini Pena, Groomer

Sydney Swindler, Groomer

Collin Larson, Groomer

Emma Janney, Groomer

Cherise Osler, Groomer

Cassidy Arnett, Groom Tech.

Cheyenne Brock, Bathing Technician

Hannah Lindholm, Bathing Technician

Trisha Phaklides, Bathing Technician

"Certified Groomers" and "Master Groomers"
Have completed practical and written exams with the
National Dog Groomers Association of America /
International Professional Groomers, Inc

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