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Meet Your Groomers

Jane Corbin NCMG, ICMG

Master Groomer

Studio Owner

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Annette Tucker, 

Certified Groomer/ 


Erin Biesterfeld,

Certified Groomer

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Mikaela Meyer


Not Pictured:

Jan Woodrum, Customer Service Specialist

Isabella "Bella" Cristantiello, Customer            Service Specialist & Groom Tech.

Jennifer McManus, Groomer

Domonique Clough-Bryant, Groomer

Deanna Dunkerson, Groomer

Sohmer Thompson, Groom Tech. 

Ryshelle McRae, Groom Tech.

"Certified Groomers" and "Master Groomers"

Have completed practical and written exams with the

National Dog Groomers Association of America