Here at Bark Me Beautiful Pet Grooming Studio, we specialize in making your dog look and feel its very best. 

We do everything from the simple bath and blow dry all the way to the most intricate of haircuts. Our team is lead by a Nationally Certified Master Groomer that loves to travel to trade shows and compete in grooming competitions all over the country. We pride ourselves on always continuing to learn and improve our skills. 

Grooming Sizes:

You may hear your groomer or front desk team member ask about the weight of your dog. This is for the simple fact that not every dog of the same breed is the same size. We have simplified our pricing by breaking all of our services into a size category so we can appropriately estimate the amount of time each dogs care will take. 

Our Sizes:

Small: Dogs 18 lbs and Under

Medium- Dogs 19 to 35 lbs

Medium/Large- Dogs 36 to 59 lbs

Large- Dogs 60-79lbs 

Giant- Dogs over 80lbs



Here at Bark Me Beautiful, we like to classify the type of grooming we do into three categories. 


NOTE- As of April 1st 2019: Ear hair pulling/plucking and Anal gland expression will only be done upon REQUEST by the owners. 


BATH: This is usually the service best for short-haired breeds. Bath service includes- bubble bath & hand dry, de-shed/brushing, nail trim & file, ear cleaning & anal gland expression (if requested).


BATH & TIDY: This service is great for big or small hairy double coated dogs, or is the perfect amount of touch up in between groomings.  Included with a bath & tidy services- bubble bath & hand dry, de-shed/brushing, nail trim & file, ear cleaning & anal gland expression (if requested). Also includes trimming of paws, pads, sanitary areas and face. 


FULL GROOM: All pups can benefit from a Full Grooming. Most likely you have a hairy breed that needs a haircut on a regular schedule. This service includes- bubble bath & hand dry, de-shed/brushing, all over body haircut of your choice (we have lots of different lengths to chose from), nail trim & file, ear cleaning & anal gland expression (if requested).

Please do keep in mind that your dog's hair and skin needs to be maintained on a regular basis. (We recommend that your dog comes to visit us on a 4-8 week schedule depending on breed, hair type and chose of hair length.) Some haircuts are not suitable for some breeds. If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We always want our owners to be educated on what is best for their individual dog. 


ADD-On/WALK-IN SERVICES: Here at Bark Me Beautiful we can do a few extra things to help keep your pups healthy. Add on or walk in to get any of the following services:

Nail Trim & File $10

Nail Trim & File with Paw Hair Trim $15-20

Teeth Brushing $12

Ear Cleaning (plucking if needed) $10

Anal Gland Expression $20 (With another walk-in service $10)

Feet, Face and Sanitary trim with Nails $25


NEW! We have added some extra Spa Treatments!

Anti-Anxiety Drops- "Rescue Remedy" a great natural way to take the edge off of the nerves your pet might have during grooming. 

Fresh Breath Spray- A little spritz to freshen thoughts kisses we know you are going to get when your pup feels great! 

Paw Pad Conditioner- Soften up the rough dry pads from the cold winter months. 

Collar Cleaning- Make sure your pet's collar is as clean and fresh as they are!

Nail Painting- Your pup will love a pretty pop of color!

MUD BATH Conditioning Treatment- Using the highest quality ingredients, medicinal clays help mobility, shedding soothing, or fortifying of the skin and body. Help to detoxify, clean, protect and Rejuvenate your pup.

Premium Conditioner- Restore the vibrancy of your pet's coat with either Protein or Keratin Conditioner. Helps with the Natural softness and shine. 

Specialty and Premium Shampoos- We now offer Medicated, Allergy Relief, & Oatmeal baths. As well as Bug Repellent and Extra De-Shedding Treatments! 






For a price quote for your pet please give us a

call or email us today!  


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